Basic Pedicure $31   Fungus Taken Down add $12    (for women color is included)

Basic Manicure $28   Fungus add $9    (for women color included)

Fingernail Trim and Smooth Edge $23

Toenail Trim and Smooth Edge  $24

Woman Hair Cut  $29     With Style  $41

Women Shampoo/Set  $30

Permanent Wave  $71

Full Color $69  Root Touch  $49 (extra thick hair add $12)  Highlights/Low lights  $36 per 10 face frame

Eyebrow Tint  $16

Eyebrow Trim  $7

Shampoo $15  Add to Service $9

Men's Hair Cut  $29 extra $5 to style,  Clipper/buzz  1 comb  $24

Beard and Mustache Trim/shape  $18

Permanent Hair Removal up to 4 sessions  $28 per consult included

Therapeutic Pressure Point Massage  $15 per 10 minutes (portable massage chair)

6 peptides facial/neck serum   Hydraulic acid SERUM used for dehydrated skin, deep wrinkles, takes dead skin away, making you look 10 years younger! I use it and I get a lot of compliments on my Skin

Shower Assist  $43  includes their routines, help in and out, help wash, wash hair, lotion arms, legs, feet, back, dry hair, help dress. All done in a relaxed no rush style. If time allows can make bed and take out trash. Time limit for shower assist is I hr 15 minutes. Added time can be discussed.

Facial rejuvenation  $28  (remove dry, dead, skin, smooth wrinkles, lift, tighten, firm and moisturize)

Facial Rejuvenation Wands Starting at $29.99 up to $139.99   (by request) Just let me know if you would like to see them and explain what each one does! For all Skin Types  (for men and women)

Moisturizers, Under Eye Roller,  Imported Creams  (for men and women)

WET No Rinse Shampoo!  This is great stuff! Just lather it in your hair getting all oily areas and towel dry and comb or style as usual. Great if you can't get out of bed or to touch up oily areas  $16

Senior in home hair and nails Price List